"The Italian Landscape Workshop far exceeded my expectations" ~ Rebecca 2017

"I am already homesick for beautiful, lovely wonderful Italy... and the new friends we all made!   Thank you!" ~ Katy 2017

"Thanks again for everything these past couple of weeks. What an amazing journey!"  ~ Hannah 2017

"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful adventure!  My eyes were opened to new and reviewed concepts that I will use going forward."  ~Bernadette

"Nina is a master teacher- she is knowledgeable, patient, very supportive & sensitive to students’ needs.  She provided excellent materials which added to her instructional purposes. The workshop was well paced, extremely informative and lots of fun!" ~Student at Cheap Joe’s Workshop

"She has a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals, which she presents with a variety of hand-outs and exercises making it easier to graspThroughout Nina was helpful, friendly and cheerful.  Lots of individual attention. " ~Student at Cheap Joe’s Workshop

"Nina is a great teacher.  She is very positive & encouraging and patient.  She is able to get concepts across easily. " ~Student at Cheap Joe’s Workshop

"Really fabulous.  I would love to work with Nina again." ~Student at Cheap Joe’s Workshop

"Wonderful – gave me color theory, composition & how to make a lively drawing – great, great!"  ~Student at Cheap Joe’s Workshop

"Great teacher & artist!  Nina didn't waste our time.  She was very helpful and I learned a lot."  ~Student at Cheap Joe’s Workshop

As Hemingway said of Paris, Nina's landscape workshop in Italy is a " Movable Feast". It nourishes all your senses and stays with you forever. Don't miss this opportunity." ~Ruth

"Thanks for a great trip! I loved all of the places we went in Italy. I thought the trip was full of spectacular views, superb at-easel instruction, with a bonus of being with an intelligent, fun group of students!" ~Suzy

"As an artist, I don't wish to remain the same - I want to grow and develop my skills to new heights. Nina Weiss' Landscape seminar supercharged my skills and forced me to try some things that stretched me. Instruction with respect for the individual artists' personal goals and styles was Nina's approach. I can not wait to do this again!" ~Pat

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. The places and experiences and the pace were perfect. I came home with a wealth of memories and best of all, a new way of seeing and painting. ~Carole

It was a lovely 9 days that I spent in Ireland, thanks to you and your careful and thoughtful planning, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed myself for the second time in your care!!  I won't go into detail about all the great things about the Ireland Art Workshop because I think we covered much of them in conversation. But, the overall experience was a wonderful one, and I will take away excellent instruction on making art, warm memories and images of hospitable Ireland, and a new friend!!" ~Susan

"It was a wonderful experience in Ireland: thank you. You are an excellent teacher and made everything work just right." ~Anne

"I was impressed and grateful for the seamless execution of all the many details. Not only that, but each place, event, accommodation and meal was a real pleasure. It is something I will always remember. Thank you for organizing this trip!  I had a wonderful time.  Everything was great: the landscape, the instruction, the food, the accommodations, the transportation, the group.  And everything went so smoothly thanks to you! This trip was a great learning experience for me in many ways. Thank you for everything that you have done!" ~Leslie

"Nothing but praise for the workshop!" ~Cindy

"The daily schedule provided a good structure as well as freedom to learn and explore on our own. ~Ann

"Just wanted to write a quick email to say thanks so much for the workshop in Ireland.  Everything went over great and I haven't stop thinking about all the great experiences I had since I have gotten home.  The group was a real pleasure to spend time with and I have walked away with a new appreciation of art and definitely plan to integrate it into my work..and you should definitely be commended for the organization of the trip...it was great!" ~Jeffrey

"It was one of the best experiences of my life!" ~Barbara

"The workshop truly exceeded my expectations.  I felt I really grew as an artist while I was there." ~Kirk

"I want to thank you for a fabulous workshop.  Not only are you a great teacher, but you were very patient with me as a beginner.  I know I have a lot to learn, and feel lucky that I started off with you to give me a good foundation.  Besides that, the trip was just FUN, don't you think?  I loved Ireland and hope to go back someday.  You picked some great spots for us to draw and be "tourists" in.  Can't say what I liked the most...maybe Clifden?  It's hard to single out one place because I loved certain things about each one.  I am also convinced I will never have better seafood chowder (or service) than at Abbeyglen Castle Hotel. It would be worth going back just for that!"  ~Ora

"The trip was a visual, artistic and culinary delight! I feel I learned a lot and am busy creating painting." ~Kate

"I still envision Italy as if it were yesterday...  Such vivid scenes! Thank you for all the hard work you do to make the workshop so interesting, challenging and rewarding." ~Jenny

"I am really glad I went to this trip with you.  Now I have many stories to tell my friends.  I am glad to have the chance going to the field and especially have the chance to get some practice with my composition.  For the art, for the friendship, for the location, for the accommodation, they are all great.  Before the trip, it is a big expense to put down.  But now, every penny worth it." ~Hai

"This trip was a great learning experience for me in many ways. Thank you for everything that you have done!" ~Turkan