Nina Weiss & Prismacolor


Prismacolor Advisory Council


Nina has been asked to serve on the Prismacolor Advisory Council.  This summer Nina and other members of the art council from across the United States met in Chicago with experts from the Prismacolor company to discuss development and implementations of new and existing products, packaging, techniques and technologies.

Prismacolor Demos and Workshops

Nina teaches Colored Pencil Workshops throughout the Midwest including workshops at the  Peninsula Art School and The Clearing Folk School in Door County, Evanston Art Center, and the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Past Workshops include "Creative Color: Colored Pencil Workshop" at the  La Grange Art League, colored pencil demonstrations for art guilds, at Cheap Joes' Art Supply in North Carolina, and at Cloudcroft in New Mexico.

Prismacolor DVD Update

Bonus tins of Premier Colored Pencils containing Nina's DVD are now sold out. But you can still watch the video using the links below.  It is an instructional video that demonstrates use of the pencils for layering color, building form,and shadow. The video demonstrates the process of constructing a landscape drawing from start to finish.




Nina Weiss & Prismacolor Part 1

Nina Weiss & Prismacolor Part 2

Nina Weiss & Prismacolor Part 3


Read about Nina on Prismacolor's website art.uninhibited

Look for Nina's new brochure for Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil now included in all tins!

Pages from Nina's Travel Sketch notebooks were used to create this instructive brochure; highlighting tips and techniques for user of waterbased colored pencils.