July 28th – August 7th

Thurs July 28

Arrive at Rome Airport before 12:00. Group pick up and transport to La Romita!  

Check in; Lunch at LR; acclimate to your new surroundings!

Short trip into Terni for art supplies.

Evening Slide Presentation.

Dinners will conclude with an overview of the next day’s itinerary; including materials to bring; historic and tourist highlights to get you prepared for our excursions!

Fri July 29         

Morning Trip to San Gemini.

This medieval walled hamlet lies within a hilly landscape with an historic center and many churches highlighting the history of Umbrian art.                   

Sketching: Form; Gesture & Value in the Landscape.

Great architecture, great panoramic views, friendly people who appreciate artists visiting the town!

Lunch back at LR; critique after lunch & Color Lecture.

Sat July 30         

Morning trip to Villa Lante & picnic on Lake Bolsena - all day  picnic lunch.

Villa Lante has been named one of the most beautiful parks in Italy; is an icon of Renaissance architecture; and houses a garden with dripping fountains & grottoes.

Begin working with color in this gorgeous classic mannerist garden.

Beautiful Lake Bolsena was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Paint & picnic by the lake and explore this quaint tourist town.

Dinner at LR. Critique and History of Landscape Lecture.

Sun July 31         

Morning visit Marmora Falls & sketching   a.m. 

Created by the Romans; Marmore Falls are one of the tallest made-made falls in Europe.    Hike the trails and capture its’ beauty: sketch & paint.     

Lunch at LR; studio time.

Afternoon Lecture: Thinking about Color in the Landscape.

Mon August 1     

Morning trip to Bevagna; painting &visit to Master Paper Maker.

Bevagna is a medieval town with two ancient churches and 13 th century buildings. There is a strong tradition of crafts in Bevagna; including wrought iron, wicker; and of course our paper maker.                

Afternoon studio time; Colored Pencil demo.

Dinner LR & Critique.

Tues August 2                 

Depart for all day visit to Pitigliano and Soriano 

Visit the two towns (five minute walk between the two); in this region of Southern Tuscany; a different feel to the hilly landscape. Pitigliano is perched on a ledge overlooking two rivers & is known as the “Little Jerusalem” because of the historical presence of a Jewish community.

Medieval Soriano sits in a mountain setting with an enormous central square topped by a crenellated castle.

See the sights; paint all day.     

Lunch on your own; Dinner LR.

Wed August 3           

Morning Visit to Todi

Todi has two classically medieval attached central squares and several churches. Wander the narrow streets with almost no cars; shop for ceramics and linens. Great panoramic views are to be had from this hilltop village. 

Shop; sketch/paint.

Afternoon studio time; Critique.

Lunch dinner LR.

Thurs August 4       

Morning departure for all day in Assisi. View the frescoes; tour the town; walk up to the Rocca Maggiore castle & find a place to draw/paint. Assisi is a UNESCO sight; containing the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi with an upper and lower church & frescos by Cimabue & Giotto. Lunch on your own in town.

Dinner at LR.                    

Fri August 5         

Morning visit to Montefalco & Arnaldo Caprai vineyard; painting on the shaded terrace; wine tasting; tours.

Montefalco is home to one of Italy’s most prestigious DOCG wines. It is called the “balcony of Umbria”; a majestic hill town neighboring a National Park. Sweeping views will inspire you!

Studio time in the afternoon.

Lunch & Dinner at LR.

Sat August 6           

Morning departure for Orvieto on the public market day. All day exploration; visit the caves; churches; find a place on the high walls to draw and paint. Orvieto is perched on an outcropping of dramatic volcanic stone. The town was a site of major Etruscan civilization and houses a museum with artifacts from local digs. The main piazza is dominated by the Duomo, second only to the grand one in Florence. Lunch on your own; shop in the market for local fresh delicacies!

Farewell Dinner at LR

Final Critique; prepare for departure

Sun August 7           

Early morning departure.

Please note: all itinerary & lectures are subject to change!